Summer 1991 - November 2003

How Maxxwell found us...

Fall, 1991. We were living in Lynchburg, Virginia. I was visiting a co-worker and as I was getting into the car, a beige kitten raced down the road dashing under the car. I easily coaxed him out and took him to my friend's home. As she explained that she was certain he was only a stray, this little furball settled on my lap and began purring. I quickly realized this little one needed a good home, some time with a flea comb and lots of love. I took him home without hesitation.

Once he explored our apartment, I called Jeff at work to break the news but he figured it all out too quickly as he could hear the kitten purring over the phone! Thankfully, our other cat, Dinsdale, accepted him graciously. Now that Jeff knew and Dinsdale complied, the next big hurdle was the issue of would he already be litter trained. Within the first 30 minutes of being in the apartment, he showed me that I didn't need to worry!

That first evening, as Jeff was working late, I fondly remember, sitting in our little living room, with the new kitten on my lap. As he contentedly purred and kneaded, I slowly worked through his matted fur to remove fleas and such. He never complained or showed any emotion other then contentment. We gave him the name Maxx that evening as we weren't certain if he was a He or She. Within the week, he had a vet visit and Maxx was given the full name of Maxxwell; however, he was usually called just Maxx.