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Die Evil Scum!!

“The time has come”, the walrus said, “to talk of many things.”

 Specifically, catching up.


That’s right little ones; I am behind in my blogging.  So here are the last few days/weeks in a nutshell.


Peter Pan

Daniel Boone Middle School’s production of Peter Pan was fantastic.  The sets were great (especially the pirate ship…mine!) the acting was actually quite good and so was the singing. There was one standout actress on the Friday night we went and that was the young gal who played Smee.  She stole every scene she was in!  She could be a great comedic actress if she keeps this up. 


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is usually a time of Religious services, eating the ears off large chocolate bunnies, Easter egg hunts etc. However, at our house Easter took on a whole new meaning……a blood-soaked killing frenzy…only there was no blood and no one actually died.  It was nice out so instead of our kids begging us to go outside for Easter egg hunts we went outside and played Nurf dart tag.  Nothing says Easter like running around with Nurf dart guns yelling “Die Evil Scum!!”



On Wednesday we discovered Chaplins – The Music Café in Spring City, PA which can be reached at:  This place was awesome.  Great jam session by Petr et. al. This will definitely become our regular Wednesday night hangout when we can make it. 


I would like to conclude with a little discussion about apathy.  You see little ones….oh, never mind.

2008-03-28 19:24:22 GMT
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