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“The time has come”, the walrus said, “to talk of many things.”

Specifically, Ideas.

Many of my fans ask me “where do you get your ideas?” At least I assume they would if I had actual fans, or people who bought my book who were not family or friends I guilted into buying it.  For the sake of argument, let’s assume that there is someone out there who bought the book who doesn’t actually know me and for some reason likes it. I imaging, if I were to meet them, they might ask me, “Hey, where do you get your ideas from?” 

The answer of course is Hoboken, New Jersey.  There is a little shop there called Ideas For The Ages and it has a huge selection of plotlines for different genres, age groups and tastes.   You just walk in and browse the shelves, looking for ideas for your next book. All the greats shop there. Stephen King shops in the “600-Page-Book-With-A-300-Page-Plot” section, Clive Barker shops in the “Wish-I-Had-Stephen-Kings-Money” section, and Tom Clancy shops in the “Things-That-Go-Boom” section. 

I’ll never forget that fateful day. I was standing in line with this one plot idea I wanted to purchase. It was the only one I could find that day that Orlando Bloom didn’t read and say “if you’re gonna make a movie about that, can I be in it?”  It was funny to watch the other authors there hide behind shelves or pretend to be on the cell phone just to avoid making eye contact with Orlando. But I digress.  I was next in line and I remember reading the plot line over and over. It said:

This is a seven book series about a boy who gets invited to a school of magic where he tells the truth, warns everyone about some evil, is proven right again and again but by the seventh book, still no one will believe him or anything he says. There is also a basket ball game played while flying.  Enjoy and Good Luck

The more I read it the more it sounded stupid so I traded it to some out of work British lady for her Too Many Kitties idea and here we are. I wonder what ever happened to her. 

Anywho, now you know where we all get our ideas from.  It’s not that big a secret as the store is listed in the New Jersey Yellow Pages. If you are an aspiring writer, go check it out but watch out for Orlando, he is really annoying!

Good day little ones.

2008-04-25 16:26:01 GMT
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