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Flight of the Trampoline

“The time has come”, the walrus said, “to talk of many things.”

Specifically, Race.

No, not race like Obama and not like NASCAR but race as it relates to a more primitive type of being.

Last night sever thunderstorms with high gusting wind and flashing lightning ripped through our area causing power outages, tearing off huge tree branches and throwing them to the ground like twigs.  This morning it looked like a tornado had passed by and left destruction in its wake.  I looked at the hillside behind us and saw something that chilled my blood and sent shivers of terror down my spine.  It was a trampoline. I looked over to where ours had sat. Relief flooded through me as I realized our trampoline was where I had left it.  This was another. As I surveyed the mangled and twisted wreckage of the once proud child’s toy a realization began to dawn. Perhaps this was no accident. Two trampolines attempt to take flight in as many months? Instead of being tossed about by the whims of the winds, perhaps the trampoline willed itself to fly!

Could it be that deep down in the collective subconscious of the identity know as trampoline, the will to fly lies dormant?  Could it be that this glimmer of what once was is beginning to surface in the mind of the race of trampolines that exist today?  Perhaps there was a time before the dawn of man that the sky was filled with the cry of the mighty trampoline.  The sky was dark as herds of trampoline winged their way across the face of the sun.  As the dominant creatures on the planet, trampolines would swoop down on unsuspecting animals, catch them with their nets and bounce them around before feeding.  In the crevasses and crags of mountain tops, the trampolines would make their nests, giving birth to baby trampolines who would remain protected until their nets were strong enough to fly. Then, with a cry of victory, the young ones would leave their nests and take their place in the skies above.

How and when trampolines were domesticated has been lost in the mists of long ago. Inanimate objects, they sit in backyards, schools and playgrounds.  But perhaps, just maybe, the time of awakening is at hand.  Now, it is one or two, trying to take flight but soon, the sky may once again be filled with the sight of the mighty soaring trampoline and its fierce victory cry!

2008-06-11 19:43:48 GMT
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