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Big Blue UFO
“The time has come”, the walrus said, “to talk of many things.”

Specifically, UFO’s.

Here is a riddle for you little ones, what is 13 feet round, weighs about 100 pounds and flies?  If you said a trampoline, you are correct.  Apparently, trampolines can fly.  Who knew!

Recently, my portion of PA has seen heavy winds.  My family and I arrived back at our house and as we pulled up the driveway I noticed something big, bright blue and bouncy was missing from its normal place in the back yard. Having only recently acquired this at Christmas, I was somewhat surprised to see it gone.  We found it in pieces, tied up to the porch in the front yard. My wife’s parents were home at the time and saw it go.  Apparently the conversation they had went something like this:

Nana: I think the trampoline is going to fly away

Pop-pop: No it’s not

 Nana: I think it is

Pop-pop: No, it’s not.

Nana: It sure looks like it is

Pop-pop: No, it fin…ahhhhh

Nana: GET IT! GET IT!!!

The wind lifted it up and sent it on its way. Pop-pop was able to grab it before it went into the road.

“Honest officer, one minute I am driving along the road and then next this big blue flying saucer attacked my car and then flew into the woods. I just knew they wanted to probe me.”

The next morning we surveyed the damage. The perfectly round base now looked like a 13 foot Pringle chip.  A few poles were bent and the net was tangled.  We tried to fix the base but it was really twisted. I looked at all the springs that held it together.  It took me hours to get them all on and now I was going to have to take them all off.  We were able to bend the poles back straight, remove all the springs, return the base to its non-salty-snack-food shape and put the springs back on.  We tied it to a tree for now.  Hopefully the kids won’t clothesline themselves running around it.

“Can’t catch me!!! Can’t catch me!!! Can’t catch GLAK!”

You know, maybe this trampoline story is a metaphor for life. Maybe when the winds of change are blowing, things we think are secure can be blown about and bent out of shape.  Maybe the things we usually do not worry about are suddenly not there. We have a choice at that point. Do we give up?  Do we throw up our hands and say “Oh well” and never bounce again?  Or do we rebuild it, repair it and use it again. Maybe make it stronger, more secure than it was last time. Maybe we straighten those parts of our lives that were bent and go back to bouncing as high as we can, laughing out loud for all to hear, just for the fun of it.

Or maybe it is just a stupid trampoline story.

Good day little ones.

2008-03-10 21:10:21 GMT
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