Gracie January 15, 1993 -

Gracie was the last kitten from a litter Beth's sister's cat had. She really needed a home and we decided are 3 cats really that much more then 2? We picked the name Gracie in hopes to teach her to meow when we would look at her and say, "Say goodnight Gracie". She never quite got that trick.

Gracie moved in with us by March and seemed to miss her mom as she would frequently snuggle up to Norman and try to nurse from him. Norm always tolerated this and spent a lot of time washing her. Maxx was never mean to her just not as tolerant as Norm.

She is typically a sweet cat but she is very intolerant of other cats. Currently she is The Queen of the household and the other cats give her a wide passage when she is walking through. When we had only her, Norm and Maxx, she actually fought with Maxx at times and ended it with her biting his tail. We made several vet visit due to this and Maxx even had minor surgery one time to help clean the wound.

These days Gracie is usually sleeping on the couch in our bedroom during the day. She insists on being fed first thing in the morning and before we go to bed at night. In the evenings, she claims her spot on Jeff's lap or chest and will move with us to the bedroom when we turn in for the night. Even though she is close to 15 years old, she still acts like a kitten at times. Her favorite game is chasing her tail which sends her spinning in the middle of our family room floor!